Y2014: Predictions of the Hysterically Laughing Horse

Y2014: Predictions of the Hysterically Laughing Horse
Horse is a good – natured, cheerful animal, and there is a plenty of things worth laughing at, so here are some predictions: 1. Obama will divorce his wife and marry Angela Merkel. That would epithomize a new way of making close alliances between …
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Laughing all the way to the bank
This marked the 10th straight New Year's Eve I have worked as a bartender. I wouldn't know what it's like to have the holiday off. I know you work every New Year's Eve, too. What would you do if you didn't? Dear reader,. First of all, on behalf of the …
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Laughing Is No Laughing Matter
While World Laughter Day, first celebrated on 10 January 1998, aims to promote peace and love in the world, one should realise that laugher is perhaps the cheapest and most effective way to relieve stress. So wake up every day and make it a point to …
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Audience “Laughing and Cheering” During Veronica Mars Test Screening
Veronica Mars fever is just beginning Marshmallows. Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen, and Rob Thomas walked the red carpet of Variety's Breakthrough of the Year Awards ceremony on Thursday, January 9th. Honorees Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell were on hand …
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